A political basketball tournament — and my big smashed nose

Senator Jim Munson on the court
Senator Jim Munson gets ready to lead his Liberal basketball team.

Played basketball tonight in a four-team tournament: Press Gallery (my team) vs Conservatives vs the NDP vs Liberals. The political teams each had a couple of MPs/Senators supported by lots of young political staffers who play like Steve Nash.

The Media team squeaked by the NDP by 2 points and ended up in the finals against the Conservatives who beat the Liberals. The Liberals were led by the indomitable (if tiny) Senator Jim Munson (right) who were gallant in defeat. The NDP side was led by MPs Peter Julian and Alex Atamanenko playing low post (they’re big guys) with Dennis Bevington and Matthew Dubé being the ball-control wizards.

The Conservatives have an ace in the Hon. Rob Merrifield, the western Alberta MP, who shoots left and apparently doesn’t miss. Also saw lots of flashes of brilliance from MPs Scott Armstrong, David Wilks, and James Bezan.



The pleasant post-game visit to the emergency department
Your correspondent's pleasant post-game visit to the emergency department

In the finals against, the Tories,  things didn’t go well for me or my Media team. The team got thrashed and I left late in the game after my nose connected rather violently with a Conservative elbow. Here’s me (left) in emergency after where I was thrilled to find out I won’t have to see a plastic surgeon. Still, my nose is pointing a different direction as I go to bed tonight than it was when I woke up! I’m told it will heal “straight”. In the meantime, congratulations Conservatives!

4 thoughts on “A political basketball tournament — and my big smashed nose”

  1. “The [media] team got thrashed …”
    So the Conservatives didn’t win by a nose, eh?

    Ouch! While I applaud the Conservatives’ win, I’m sorry to hear about your mishap. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, my computer is itself ailing, since the pictures you posted show up as ? marks.

    I hope you heal quickly. And keep your nose to the grindstone because IMO you’re one of the few journalists I believe has a good nose for real news. No, I’m not brown-nosing!

  2. 😉 I pictured you singing “Nobody nose the troubles I’ve seen …”

    Thanks for fixing the pics. I thought my computer was the one having “issues”.

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