Ontario premier accused of "cheating" to win byelections

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will call five byelections Wednesday — the byelection are in ridings that had all been held by McGuinty cabinet members (including McGuinty himself) — sending voters to the ballot box on the Thursday before the August long weekend. Progressive Conservative MPP Lisa MacLeod, on Battleground earlier tonight on Sun News Network, says the choice of that date — and a campaign thru the month of July amounts to “cheating”.

5 thoughts on “Ontario premier accused of "cheating" to win byelections”

  1. “The Liberals cheated by calling an election at a time that best suited them!” says the party that just tried to get an election called this past spring because that would be best for their political plans.

  2. The Liberals should lose every seat. If this doesn’t happen then there are still people in Ontario who just are not paying attention to politics or who just do not care what any politicians do once they are in power.

  3. Now we see the reason why the NDP propped up this government which is destroying Ontario through the anti-democratic “Green” Energy Act.

    “The owners — Gilead Power Corporation? Actually, the project is now owned by Ostrander Point Wind Energy LP. Gilead now shares ownership of this entity with OPTrust, managers of the pension plan that includes members of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union (OPSEU) and the NDP MPP caucus. OPTrust bought into the project in 2011 — early in the government’s approval process — presumably because of the high, full guaranteed investment returns promised.”

    So while the posturing “green” urban voters remain blind to the despoiling of our natural heritage and cultural landscape, rural voters were pleading for a spring election to stop the social, environmental and economic carnage.

    Hopefully at least the economic pain will be an eye-opener to the corruption if not the cruelty. Who benefits? Certainly not our environment when more unneeded and unwanted industrial wind developments are imposed on minimally impacted ecosystems such as the watershed of Lake Superior.


    Effectively, the Ontario government system exported power to U.S. states at 2.4 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) while paying 13.5 cents to subsidize wind producers under the GEA’s feed-in-tariff regime. Since Ontario does not need this wind power, Ontario rate payers are paying $648-million for power that is exported for $115-million for a net loss to ratepayers of $533-million. For one year.

    The wind power loss for the last 12 months is therefore on par with the cost of the cancelled gas plants. But these costs will be repeated annually for the next 20 years, and are likely to be higher. So far, the wind power in place represents only 35% of the contracted wind supply. By 2016, the Ontario Power Authority contracted wind (5,791 MW), if all built, will annually cost ratepayers (assuming demand and other generation remains as is) $1.5-billion to $2-billion — per year.

  4. It’s time that liers and cheaters pay the price! Sooner or later Karma will catch up to you. Let’s all help prove that Karma does exist.

  5. Bring in the RCMP.

    The liberals know that their asses would be protected by their adoring fans….the media.

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