In Ontario, do Horwath's NDP have the this fall's spring in their step?

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne seems to be threatening an election — threatening, in fact, to do what Prime Minister Stephen Harper did in 2008 and break a fixed-date election law — which could see Ontario voters having to choose between Wynne, PC Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath in a fall vote.

Pollster Abacus Data was in the field recently and found that the three parties are basically tied with around 30% support of committed votes. But, as Abacus CEO David Coletto writes:

… the results suggest thatt the Ontario NDP and its leader Andrea Horwath have the greatest opportunity to expand its support since Horwath is the most popular provincial leader and its potential pool of support is equivalent to the Liberals 45% would consider voting NDP and Liberal and higher than the PC Party 42% would consider voting PC.

Find the polling data and methodology here:  Ontario Politics: Tories lead by 3; Ontario Liberals and NDP tied at 30% | Abacus Insider.

We’ll have more on this tonight on my television program Battleground on Sun News Network at 6 PM ET and 8 PM Pacific with Abacus CEO David Coletto and Sun Media National Affairs Columnist Anthony Furey.

And don’t forget to read my colleague Antonella Artuso’s take on this latest poll.

2 thoughts on “In Ontario, do Horwath's NDP have the this fall's spring in their step?”

  1. One can only hope that the taxpayers remember the McGuinty-Wynne waste of our money that could exceed 1 billion dollars. This from a government with a huge deficit. Horwath is “union” oriented only and has no idea about real life and business. The ndp – can you say bob rae nearly destroyed this Province. That leaves the PC’s. I wish they had a more likeable leader but they do not so we have to deal with what we have. Hudak is very capable and the PC’s are the best of the lot. Hudak has shown leadership by dumping his finance critic and his labour critic that being Shurman and Hillier. Hillier is the party idiot and should never be a critic for anything and will never be cabinet material. Shurman however is a loss as he would have made a good finance minister. Hudak was right to do what he did with Shurman. All he had or still can do is pay back a paltry 20,000. Legally Shurman is right but morally it is wrong and the optics look bad. The best of the three leaves us with Hudak and the PC’s. We cannot afford to keep the Liberals in power for another four years and while Horwath may be popular she and her party stand for the things wrong in the economics of the province. Bumping up the min wage would bankrupt some businesses and others would move out and relocate elsewhere. Come next election we need voters to look at what the Liberals have done with our hard earned money and at how they will say anything to get elected. In the byelections in Scarborough they said they supported subways after being totally against it and now the ever in love with himself Murray has indicated we are getting an above ground LRT type service. Nobody wants this except Murray. The time for change is overdue and only the taxpayers can make that change. My motto in all of this is when an election is called is to vote early, vote often, vote PC.

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