Ontario campaign ad wars: Mike Harris versus Barack Obama vs "The Kid"

In this new ad released Saturday, the Ontario Liberals try to scare the bejesus out of any soft leftie who might be thinking of voting for Andrea Horwath that Kathleen Wynne is the only who can save us from Mike Harris, er, Tim Hudak!

Meanwhile, Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives released their own online ad Saturday. To me, it feels like Tim Hudak is channelling Barack Obama:

Note: This ad from the Ontario PCs appears to be free of any Russians.

Then, on Sunday, the NDP put out a new ad. My comment? Rather than using what sounds like an 18-year-old to voice this ad, I think the Ontario NDP would have much more impact with an older voice — think Morgan Freeman, Wilford Brimley or Sam Elliott. And I’m surprised it’s taken two weeks of this campaign for the NDP to finally remind progressive voters that the Liberals have wasted billions of dollars that could have been spent on “progressive’ causes.

One thought on “Ontario campaign ad wars: Mike Harris versus Barack Obama vs "The Kid"”

  1. Those two commercials remind me _very much_ of the Saskatchewan 2007 election. Hope beats fear…..

    Not a few candidates could learn from that campaign.

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