Biggest winner in Ontario politics this summer? Andrea Horwath. Biggest loser? Tim Hudak

Andrea Horwath and the Ontario are going to finish the summer with a caucus that has grown by 2 MPPs and with some decent political momentum. Horwath was on my program Battleground on Sun News Network Monday night and I asked her for her interpretations of the summer’s byelections and about her political objectives for the fall:

Meanwhile, Tim Hudak and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives have to be the biggest losers. It’s true that Hudak’s caucus has grown by one — former Toronto mayor deputy mayor Doug Holyday giving the PCs a toehold in Toronto — but the hopes for the PCs were much higher in this summer’s byelection. As a result, Hudak has ended up with a mini-rebellion in his party on his hands. Colleague Sue-Anne Levy reports today that Hudak may not be able to avoid a leadership review this fall. And yet, Hudak has his supporters. Here’s Utsav Sanduja on the program Monday night talking about his new project

What about you? Who do you think is the biggest winner and loser in Ontario politics this summer?

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