Wi-fi in Canada

Folks who read this blog are (I hope) already up to speed on the wonders of wi-fi. But not everyone is so hip as you and I, dear reader. So we must spread the news, evangelize for all things high-speed and wireless. Happily, I have a great big soapbox for just this use called CTV National News, watched, I'm told, by as many as a million Canadians each evening. So, before Christmas, I whipped up an item for the newscast that could tell all those who had not yet heard that Wi-Fi was sure to be the Next Big Thing. Mind you, in one minutes and 50 seconds, there's not much more you could do other than sketch out some broad strokes and, with any luck, get viewers interested in this thing called Wi-Fi. The piece finally aired on Sunday night last. The link to watch the piece is under the Related Video section right here. It features Mark Wolinsky, co-CEO of hotspot provider Spotnik Mobile and Kirk Moir, CEO, of InMotion Technology, a provider of in-vehicle Wi-Fi access.

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