What you liked at Akin's blog in August

August was a pretty good month for traffic at this blog, with more than 30,000 unique visits.
Traffic was way up because of two posts, one on problems with Apple's calculator and another on blogging at the Olympics. A post about some problems with the calculator built into Apple's latest operating system was viewed by nearly one-third of all visitors to this blog.
A post about a ban on blogging at the Olympics was number two — with about 7 per cent of all visitors poking around there. That post, incidentally, was “Boinged Boinged” and while a link from Cory's terrific blog certainly helped boost traffic over here, I was surpised to see that it was nothing like the tsunami you get when you're Slashdotted.

So here they are, for your review, the most popular articles and photos, in order of popularity, at this blog for the month of August, with their original posting date.

  1. [What they said] Apple calculator a bad joke 8-10-2004 
  2. No blogging from Olympic village (?)  8-8-2004 
  3. Who pays for this blog? Some disclaimers 8-13-2004 
  4. Journalism ethics: Toronto police shoot a hostage taker. What do you show on TV?  8-26-2004
  5. Participatory journalism — mid-day report 8-3-2004
  6. How to spell Internet and Web   8-16-2004 
  7. HMCS Haida 6-25-2004 
  8. Finally!! Airport Extreme and my LinkSys router are talking!  12-13-2003
  9. Sealing    6-14-2004
  10. Sheila Copps on the job 6-25-20

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