What is this election all about?

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On Canada AM this morning, Seamus O'Regan asked strategists from the three major English-language parties what this election is all about.

Steve McKinnon, National Director, Liberal Party of Canada: “I think right now we have a virtuous cycle of surplus budgets, lower taxes and investments in social programs. Change what about Canada? Canada is a country that works.”

Tim Powers, Conservative Party strategist: “What about the vice?  The Gomery sponsorship inquiry. The missing $40-million. There's lots of vice.  The change is to a government that's accountable, a government you can trust, and a government that doesn't have 12 years of a tarnished image.”

Jamey Heath, NDP Communications Director: “In the last campaign, a million more people voted for the NDP and we got results in this Parliament. We delivered for people in a new budget and that is a new addition to this campaign. It's not just a question of Liberals or Tories”

You can watch McKinnon, Powers and Heath on Canada AM this morning. The link to the video is on this page — look for a heading called Video on the right-hand side of the page and then click on “Canada AM: Political panel discusses the situation in Ottawa.” You’ll need Windows Media Player to view it. 



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