Web stats a la Blogware

One of the neat things about the publishing platform this blog uses is that there is always some neat cool feature being added. Sometimes these features seem added in just because the good people at Tucows could. (Hello Address Book. Good to see you, not sure why you're here.) Others make damn fine sense. One of those is a Web Stats feature.
With Web Stats I can tell how much bandwidth this blog has consumed and how much space it's taking up on a Tucows server. (Answers: More than a 1 gig of bandwidth but just a spritely 10 MB of server space.)
The Web Stats feature on Blogware also lets the Blog author track what you, dear Blog reader, find most appealing content wise. Here's the five most popular entries at this blog in April (ranked by popularity):

  1. The Winning rim
  2. Canada's record industry loses; ISPs win in music downloading lawsuit
  3. Finally!! Airport Extreme and my LinkSys router are talking!
  4. File-sharing ruling opens Pandora's box
  5. “Eleven guys. Eleven versions out of focus”

Incidentally, in April alone, more than 5,600 unique visitors have dropped in and looked at a total of more than 26,000 pages. I think that's pretty good.
Thanks for stopping by. And thank you to the Blogware development army and assorted accordion player hanger-ons for some very cool tools.

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