Victoria school secretary winds up on U.S. terrorist list

More evidence to be suspicious of those who would build One Big Database in the name of our safety:

Glenda Hutton, 66, of Courtenay has never been arrested, doesn’t have a criminal record and over a long career as a school secretary never caused anyone trouble.

So it’s perplexing just how her name turned up on a U.S. no-fly list, but there it is. Hutton has been wrangling with U.S. and Canadian government bureaucracy for over a year trying to clear her name and regain her freedom to travel to the U.S. and beyond.

She first learned something was wrong in October 2007 when she was delayed at the Air Canada check-in counter at Comox from boarding a flight to Calgary.

She was dumbfounded while her husband Ken thought it was a joke. She was allowed on the aircraft but a month later she was flagged when trying to board a Japan Airlines flight to Thailand. “They said they could get me out of Canada but feared for my safety once I got to Bangkok, Thailand,” Hutton said. The couple decided to stay home and sort the mess out. Japan Airlines refunded their tickets.

Hutton was on a Canadian no-fly list but her name has been removed. She’s convinced that her name remains on a U.S. list. “Air Canada told me that there was someone else in the world with my name who is a very, very bad person,” Hutton said. … [Read the rest]

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