The young and the newsless

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an article trying to explain why those aged 18 to 30 are tuning out the mainstream media. “Kids don't “even vaguely connect to guys like Peter Jennings and Dan Rather,” says the producer of Dennis Miller's CNBC show. “If you're 18, who are you going to trust? Dan Rather or Jon Stewart?” I'd like to see someone explain the connection between this disconnected, newsless group and their pathetic voting records. Prior to the vote in Iowa, Howard Dean was seen as someone who was energizing the party and attracting a whole new group of young voters, people who had never even voted in an election before, let alone participated in a political movement. And yet, when it came down to it, the traditional political machinery (particularly unions who could deliver voters by the busload) was able to get voters out, to the benefit of the more traditional candidates, Kerry and Edwards. So why don't young people, who are crying for change in so many alternative media vote? Has no one explained to them that bad governments are elected by good citizens who don't vote?

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