The Colours of (Stephen Harper's) Canada: That would be Pantone #333399

Liberal researches are distributing the following images, which I pass along without comment, other than to say the top image compares covers of the printed copy of the Governor General's Throne Speech to the cover of the Conservative Party platform document from the last election. The bottom compares colour schemes from Conservative Party web sites to current government Web sites.

23 thoughts on “The Colours of (Stephen Harper's) Canada: That would be Pantone #333399”

  1. I took a few screen caps of the Con website and GC websites back in the New Year that clearly showed the exact same colour scheme and word marks (e.g. “True north strong and free”) being used interchangeably throughout both. Glad to see someone else has come to the same conclusion.

  2. Who cares since is such a great colour. Are we going to look at everything that has the same blue of the Conservative logo? So I guess my walls were painted by the conservative party of Canada since it is the same blue of their logo.
    This is unreal. Liberals are down in the polls and the media want the conservative to go down in the polls like the Liberals and they find things that are not issues. Because they know they have nothing else to say against the government.

  3. This is the stupidest blog posting ever, Akin. Dalton McGuinty's latest budget had a red cover. Get it? Liberal red? See it now? You know, Jane Taber's pop-culture pap reporting is not worth emulating.

  4. You have to ask yourself why the Republicons would do something like this. I'll tell you: they think they can brainwash the public into liking them with jedi mind tricks. If you believe the unrepresentative sample upon which Ispos/national Post polls are based, you would think it's working. It's not. One the public comes to the full realization that the government thinks Canadians need to be fooled into voting conservative, rather than being presented with real conservative ideas (which the vast majority of Canadians don't support — even the Ipsos polls show that, as most Canadians support more or less progressive parties). All that really matters is the election campaign. Then both con and liberal leaders will be given equal coverage, the liberals will release their platform (why release it now so the cons can steal the good ideas and trash the bad ones?) and the polls will move Liberal.

  5. Also let it be known that the design world is upset at your lack of correct colour terminology to enhance your title.
    The value #333399 is not a Pantone colour, but rather an RGB hex combination.

  6. The second set doesn't bother me so much – I'm sure it's just revenge for the Liberals using Canada Red all these years.
    The matching covers are far more worrisome because (at best) it means that both the Government and the Party paid the same photographer and presumably the same art department to design both covers. At worst, it means the photographer/designer is actively working for both simultaneously.

  7. The photo of the flag and mountain were taken at the Banff Parks Administration Building – i.e. a federal government building. The mountain in the background is Cascade Mountain.
    Having been born and raised in Banff, I'd recognize that view anywhere.
    I guess my question is: is it kosher to use public sites for partisan political materials?

  8. Jedi mind tricks, anonymous?
    Just to let you in on a secret: such things exist in a series of movies. There are no `Jedi mind tricks' in politics or in real life.
    On the other hand, your belief in Jedi mind tricks may explain why it is you think that the CPC has `tricked' the public into voting for them, twice…
    (I won't even bother with the formulation, “Republicons”)

  9. Isn't it sort of an indictment of the Liberal research folks that it took 9 months for them to notice this? Could there be better evidence that the Liberals don't really bother to read anything the Conservatives release or propose? Or is down 15 points to the Tories the opportune time to release such a scathing bit of stuff… Please.

  10. David David David….to think you used to have credibility…..I was wondering how long it would take you to follow Jane Taber into the land of wasted skill…….you are indeed very disappointing!

  11. This fuss just goes to show what expert political manipulators the Liberals are. After all, the original design for the Canadian flag had blue stripes on either side (a representation of from sea to sea). this was nixed at the last minute in favour of the Liberal friendly red.

  12. Oh, come on. #333399 is a Web-safe colour. Of course if it looks the same, it probably is. And you know, public servants made that gov't Web page, not the Conservatives.
    It is pretty funny how desperate folks like you are getting trying to find some “dirt” that'll stick. “Gotcha!” You know what they say about the boy who cried wolf.

  13. Oh, Gawd! Is this what Canadian political discourse has come to?
    I often hear MPs about checking “the blues” – referring, I believe, to the transcript of whatever has been said during Question Period.
    Will the Liberals next demand that expression – “the blues” – be changed to “the reds”?
    Or maybe to the “non-offensive and non-partisan beige”?
    Will they demand singers no longer sing “the blues”? Or ban songs like these?:
    What a bunch of maroons!

  14. If this is all the Liberals have to offer, perhaps the government could introduce a motion of non confidence in the opposition, and just let the NDP take over as Official opposition.

  15. I agree this seems like a dopey thing to go after, since there is no enforceable exclusivity on colour.
    But on the other hand, that's why this is an item in a blog, presented, as the author says, without comment.
    If it was real news it would be in the papers or on the air under Akin's byline. This is his personal blog; he's allowed to cover other things here. Perspective, folks?

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