The Cadman Affair: Six questions and then we'll go away

The Canadian Press reports that, since the Cadman affair first surfaced, they've repeatedly asked the Prime Minister's communications staff to answer just six questions. So far: No response.

One thought on “The Cadman Affair: Six questions and then we'll go away”

  1. Frankly, given the questions still unanswered from Jean Chretien's Auberge and other dealings, plus the 40 million still unaccounted for that the Liberals stole, I'm surprised that the press is so tenacious on this. The Liberal affaires quickly died, didn't they? Perhaps it just wasn't in the media's best interests to pursue it with any vigor. It also seems to me that this is getting far more attention from the media than all the bribery that the Libs did during the Martin era, and that was caught on tape. It sure does seem that the CPC and the PM are held to a MUCH higher standard than the Liberals ever were in hopes of them falling and a return to the good old way of doing things. Ooops, there I go being paranoid again. Of course this whole thing is being reported factually and evenly.

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