Sorting your iTunes Library

I'm in the process of digitizing my CD and vinyl music library which means my iTunes library is swelling — 25,000 titles and growing — and becoming more of a challenge to manage.

Luckily, since iTunes 7.1, Apple has been building in more 'Sort' functionality to the application but Apple has never done a great job of explaining how power users might put that new Advanced Sort function to work.

Blogger Paul Mison, on the other hand, has very helpfully sorted through iTunes 'sort' issues in a post I discovered almost a year to the day he put it up. It had the answer to the problem I was trying to solve:

Astute readers will have realised this only applies to the track they've selected, and possibly leapt ahead and tried selecting multiple tracks and opening Get Info once more. Here we hit a snag- this dialog doesn't show any sort fields. How, then, do you fix up all those tracks? It's far from obvious, but there's a menu option: Advanced > Apply Sort Field (also available in the context menu). Select a track for which you've already mofidied a sort field, then select this option, and you'll see one of the least clear dialog boxes I've seen recently.

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