Column: AFN politics and the Crown-First Nations Summit

Today, in the newspapers across our chain, I take a look at the relationship between AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Crown-First Nations Summit:

In 2009, Shawn Atleo won what was arguably the tightest race for any
political leadership in Canadian history to become the national chief of
the Assembly of First Nations, the most influential organization of its
kind in the country.

The AFN national chief is elected by the 633 chiefs of First Nations
across Canada and the winner has to get 60% of the vote. In 2009, Atleo
had only won 58% after eight ballots. But after eight ballots his chief
opponent at the time, Perry Bellegarde, conceded and Atleo became
national chief. [Click to read the rest of the column]

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