Christmas at either end of the world

Australia Broadcasting Corp. Parliamentary reporter Latika Bourke put the above on Instagram (taken at Kundalini Hair in Canberra, apparently) and minutes later (on my Instagram feed, anyhow) Gerald Butts, a top advisor to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau put this taken in the foyer of Canada’s House of Commons on Instagram:

2 thoughts on “Christmas at either end of the world”

  1. I’m not positive, and I’m looking to you to enlighten me, or correct me, because I know you are a stickler for “good grammar”, but shouldn’t your headline read:
    “Christmas at either ends ?? of the world”.
    One Arctic, and one Antarctic – two — therefore, (plural) ends?
    9Not critical, but I would like to be as meticulous as you are).
    Otherwise, a fine article.

  2. That’s a good question posed by the above commenter. (how come he has the same Christian name as I have? – rather unusual ?? No ??)

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