Bailed-out banks sponsor golf and Mugabe spends $250,000 on his birthday party


We're in a different, more frugal time

For that reason, I suspect we'll see a lot more of this — a U.S. bank, which has received federal government financial help, is sponsoring a golf tournament, and getting a lot of heat about that use of funds. There are tales of professional golfters, bankers and their friends enjoying “lavish dinner parties” and other pre-tournament luxury trappings with money that came from the bailed-out bank. (The bank in question is Northern Trust and the tournament is the North Trust Open in L.A.)

And then there's Robert Mugabe, who has been obscenely feathering his next for ages at the expense of his countrymen. Mugabe turned 85 and held a birthday party which cost $250,000. The money came from his “supporters.” Mugabe's birthday party was held just days after Zimbabwe asked other African states for US$2 billion in aid a few days ago. If Zimbabwe does get that aid, do you think it will help out the poor and starving of that country? My bet is that aid goes right to the “supporters” who kicked in so Mugabe could stuff his face with a piece of the 185-kg birthday cake.

I'd be inclined to give the bank and its golf sponsorship a bit of slack. But Mugabe? Not an inch.

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