Quebec says it will sue to maintain gun data

Game on over the gun registry…

Quebec wants to set up its own registry, but says the federal data is crucial because creating a registry from scratch would cost a fortune.

“I find it unjust and unfair … that the data will be destroyed without first offering the Quebec government the possibility of recuperating it,” Dutil told a news conference.

[Read the full story at: Quebec says it will sue to maintain gun data | Canada | News | Ottawa Sun.]

One thought on “Quebec says it will sue to maintain gun data”

  1. How wonderful for Quebec! They want the data for free because if they imposed similar barriers to the freedoms of their own citizens, “it would cost them a fortune”.

    If they find value in it, let them offer value for it.

    But this is data which should not be sold at any price, and the Feds are right to destroy it.

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