For the record: Industry Canada and lawful access (c. 2006)

On Sept. 11, 2007, I filed a request to Industry Canada under Canada’s Access to Information Act, asking that department for any memos, briefing notes or presentation decks that had the issue of “lawful access” as their main topic. [Here is a Justice Department FAQ page on the issue and here’s a decent summary of where things stand about now on this issue] I got the response to this request — all 391 pages of it — more than four years or, to be precise, 1,578 days after asking. By law, departments are supposed to respond within 30 days.

Have a look for yourself what was dredged up with this request. Lots of memos and discussion between then Justice Minister Vic Toews and industry groups like the Canadian Association of Internet Providers and the Information Technology Association of Canada.

Industry Canada documents on “Lawful Access” c. 2006

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