VIDEO: Netanyahu welcomes Harper to Israel

This video was shot by and distributed by the office of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In it, you’ll see the full text of Netanyahu’s effusive praise for Harper — his speech is about 3 minutes — and Harper’s very brief remarks, including an anecdote about the absence of his kids on this trip.

One thing I’d also point out — having watched this whole ceremony live in the room — it hints at how happy and at ease Harper seems. That is exceedingly rare on these overseas trips. I’ve only got body language to go on cuz they don’t let us reporters that close to world leaders when they are interacting but I’d say this is the most pleased Harper has ever been at an overseas reception. Again, judging from body language, I’d say German Chancellor Angela Merkel would be the only world leader who would be close to Netanyahu in terms of a close personal relationship.

What is missing, FWIW, in this video, is a long sequence in which both PMs greeted a long receiving line of VIPs. That happened in between the inspection of the troops and the speech.

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