Foreign Policy: The World According to Ron Paul

Michael A. Cohen looks at Ron Paul’s foreign policy who, in some respects, sounds like a Canadian New Democrat:

As Adele Stan, who has covered Paul closely for Alternet said to me, “progressives don’t get Paul’s anti-war talk from their own people (i.e. Democrats) and to hear it from him satisfies this deep spiritual yearning to hear someone say that we shouldn’t be bombing other people around the world.” Indeed, after ten years of war it’s striking that Ron Paul has become the only presidential candidate — Republican or Democrat — talking about the need for a less militaristic foreign policy.

…[Paul] stridently opposes NAFTA, all free trade agreements, and even U.S. membership in the WTO on the grounds that free trade should be free of government interference, global rule-making, or apparently dispute mechanisms. He is opposed to amnesty for illegal immigrants and believes that securing America’s borders should be the “top national security priority.” …  He has warned against the so-called NAFTA super-highway and the North American Union, a supposed plan to turn the North American continent into an economic union with a single currency and open borders along the lines of the European Union . . .

[Read the full article: The World According to Ron Paul – By Michael A. Cohen | Foreign Policy]

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