What do you want in the next federal budget?

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance is easily the busiest committee on Parliament Hill mostly cuz it spends a lot of its time considering hundreds of presentations from Canadians who have ideas about what should be in the federal budget the following spring.

That committee held its first meeting of the new parliamentary session today and immediately got down to work on sorting through ideas for next year’s budget. Here’s the release:


Ottawa, October 24, 2013 –

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance is making available on its website the online submissions from more than 330 Canadian groups and individuals who submitted their input this summer. These submissions can be viewed at: Pre-Budget Consultations Briefs 2013. As the Committee noted in June, this input was requested as part of the Committee’s annual pre-budget consultation process.

As agreed by the Committee in June, the next phase of the process will involve hearings in November on six topics:

  1. Focusing on fiscal sustainability and economic growth.
  2. Helping vulnerable Canadians, including Aboriginal Canadians, youth, persons with a disability and newcomers.
  3. Supporting research and innovation, including through tax incentives.
  4. Ensuring prosperous and secure rural and urban communities.
  5. Improving government efficiency, including through reducing red tape.
  6. Maximizing employment opportunities for Canadians.

Witnesses for these hearings will be contacted by the Clerk of the Committee.

“As always, I was very pleased to see so many Canadian groups and individuals submit their budget priorities,” said Mr. James Rajotte, M.P. for Edmonton-Leduc and Chair of the House Finance Committee. “We received a wide range of innovative ideas, and we are looking forward to our hearings next month.”

The Committee will table its report on the pre-budget consultations no later than 11 December 2013.

– 30 –

For more information, please contact:

Christine Lafrance, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Finance

Tel: 613-992-9753

E-mail: FINA@parl.gc.ca


3 thoughts on “What do you want in the next federal budget?”

  1. I am not against giving money to the aboriginals, but all dollars given should be accounted for and when they disturb the rest of the country with their stupid blockages, they should be cut off and obey the law like the rest of us. What would happen if we kept doing this???

  2. Does it really matter? A good majority of politicians once elected are greedy thiev’n Btards skimming any / all cream they can get. Doesn’t matter which level of politics they are in. As a sole proprietor, I am now being dictated to join a 14 billion dollar deficit club called WSIB. Like unemployment insurance, I would never ever see a benefit cheque because of the shaded grey areas resulting ineligibility. WSIB is no different. Regardless of what is vocally promised, the same ending would result. Home renovations are the only recourse to be exempt from this heinous Bill 119. New construction is no longer available to me or the builders/contractors that I have been a service provider for many years. Harper can thank the former premier McSquinty and now Queen Wynne for dictating this on the small business sole proprietors who have never collected from any social programs and have been called at one time “the backbone of the economy”. This is no longer the case. Polls are supposedly showing a rebounding economy. This writer is not so sure of it’s accuracy. What do I want from the next federal budget? A lot more money in the social programs because there is going to be a lot more people (myself included) needing them once we have exhausted our finances to pay for a privately run accident/disability insurance provider (which covers us 24/7) and NOW the mandatory WSIB extortion fees program. Repeal Bill 119 Mr. Harper and you will find that the budget will not be so strenuous.

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