Let the e-mail inboxes overfloweth with fundraising pitches from Ottawa's finest!

Sent out within an hour of each other this evening —

Arriving first, from the federal Liberals —


— and then minutes later from the Conservatives, over the name of Joe Oliver, the finance minister who is the MP for Eglinton Lawrence:


And, even though we’re more than year away from the 2015 federal election — assuming Prime Minister Stephen Harper obeys his own fixed election date legislations  — I’ll be you’re only going to see more and more of these pitches from all parties.

NDP executive director Anne McGrath and I touched on this issue and some of the fundraising expections on my Sun News Network program this evening. (Video at the top of the post)

FWIW: The likely spending limit during the 2015 writ period expected to be aroudn $22 million — but then there’s all that completely unregulated spending every party (I’m looking at you, Conservatives) will want to do before the writ formally drops. The richest party right now is the Conservatives. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Party HQ spend somewhere around $30 million in the six months prior to e-day.

And that’s why you’re going to see lots of messages like this one.


One thought on “Let the e-mail inboxes overfloweth with fundraising pitches from Ottawa's finest!”

  1. I think that the only job the politicians are good at is misguiding the people and they are very good at hiding injustices because they broke the law! Denied access to the courts through legal aid is a big one, charter of rights cases are mainly civil and legal aid discriminates against immigrants working poor FN and aboriginals

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