Employment insurance: Moffatt on the policy; Solberg on the politics

Is it an equalization plan? Is it an income support plan? It sure ain’t an insurance plan – but the Employement Insurance plan is what we got.

Here’s Western University economist Mike Moffatt followed up by former Human Resources Minister Monte Solberg talking about the changes the federal government announced today on EI.

One thought on “Employment insurance: Moffatt on the policy; Solberg on the politics”

  1. As someone who has recently been on EI the proposed changes don’t seem fair. I have been trying to find employment and have been sending my resume out at every opportunity.

    I have applied for positions in my chosen field and have only received a few interviews. I have applied to positions that aren’t in my field of experience and don’t hear back on those applications. What is an individual supposed to do.

    If it wasn’t for EI it would have been very difficult to get by. Now that my EI benefits have ended, as I didn’t have enough hours for long term payments while I search for new employment I am stuck. We can’t get by on one income.

    Also, how can we consider moving lock and stock and barrel when money is tight right now. I don’t want to collect welfare payments I want to work! I am getting very frustrated and discouraged in my job search. There is nothing more frustrating then having someone send you job postings when you are searching every day to find work.

    Employers don’t provide feedback or notify you that you weren’t the right fit, they just leave you in limbo. With each passing day you feel discouraged and like you just want to give up. For every job posting there are 100s of people applying for the same position. How can one compete, and as an older worker it gets even harder to find gainful employment.

    The economy is suffering world wide instead of trying to control EI payments and put more restrictions on eligibilty why doesn’t the government try to fix the economy and bring back jobs. Because of a few individuals everyone now has to pay the price.

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