Did Canada's central bank governor tell young people to work for free?

Yesterday, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz, spoke in Toronto and when Bloomberg’s Greg Quinn reported on his remarks, he zeroed in on some things Poloz said about youth unemployment in Canada. As Quinn reported, “How bad are things in Canada’s job market? Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz says bad enough for young people to consider working for free.”

Today, in Ottawa, Poloz was in front of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance and Liberal MP Scott Brison wanted to pick up on that theme. Listen, above, to their exchange.

4 thoughts on “Did Canada's central bank governor tell young people to work for free?”

  1. Oh boy… being a senior maybe I could get a dozen or so to help out on the farm. Of course I would have to charge them for food etc. but I’m sure mom and dad would cough that up just to get rid of them. On top of that I finally , being a senior, get a little help from the government. Way to go. Only problem is that maybe the young people of today just aren’t that stupid . Now really I don’t think so but the government certainly seems to think so. Didn’t we just have a stop to that great institution of ” unpaid internship”? Well the Conservative government and the bank of canada will have to go hat in hand to the United States to find out how they handled ” slavery “.

    I seem to remember something about that “slavery ” thing not going so well.. could be interesting.

    Hey young people don’t get sucked in by this move.

    the guardian

  2. The Conservatives can bring in all the foreign workers and take our jobs and forget about our young people, Jason Kenny you should be ashamed of yourself to treat the young and upcoming people of Canada . I hope they vote you out the way you and your Conservative government are treating them.

  3. Seniors volunteer…why can’t young ,unemployed people? they would gain valuable experience and possibly make contacts for a paid job. Doing nothing does not look good on a resume!

  4. As far as I know, it is illegal to work for free and it is illegal to ask someone to work for free. There are serious legal implications to Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz’s idea – a serious work related injury would expose the business to massive lawsuits which the unpaid worker would always win, as the unpaid worker would NOT be covered by WCB and the company would not have WCB protection from lawsuits..

    He is stupid to think that saving a few dollars is worth a multi-million dollar risk. Obviously he has been isolated from the real working world, living in a CEO dreamland. Not a good choice for a Bank of Canada senior position but so very typical of those living in a wealthy protected lifestyle, likely surrounded by herds of overpaid yes men. After a comment like this, serious consideration should be given to finding a suitable replacement.

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