Ahead of Ontario election, The final tale of the tape on job numbers

Statistics Canada was out this morning with the final jobs report before Ontarians head to the polls next Thursday.

Here, then, are some aggregate numbers on the Liberal record in office so far as jobs go. Choose which one you like to make your preferred political point:

From April 2014 to May 2014:

  • Population grew by 0.08%
  • Labour force grew by 0.11%
  • Overall employment grew by 0.21% but 30,400 full-time jobs (-0.54%) were lost while 45,200 part-time jobs were added (+3.49%)
  • The number of unemployed in the province is not a million people. It’s 548,800, a drop of 6,800 or -1.22%.
  • Unemployment rate is at 7.3% down from April’s 7.4%
  • The participation rate held steady at 66.1% of the population.

Over the last 12 months

  • Population grew by 1.2% but the growth of the labour force did not keep up, growing just 0.6%
  • Just 39,400 jobs have been created in the last year, growth of 0.6%.
  • The number of full-time jobs in the province has dropped by 18,400 or 0.3% while 57,800 part-time jobs have ben added (+4.5%)
  • There are 5,100 more unemployed people in Ontario now than there were a year ago. (+0.9%)
  • Because the labour force has shrunk by 44,600 — people who gave up looking for work, retired, went back to school and so on — the participation rate is down from 66.5% a year to 66.1% now.

The McGuinty-Wynne record
(Since the last general election of October, 2011)

  • Population growth of 355,300 or 3.3%
  • Labour force has grown slower than pop growth: +173,100 or 2.4%
  • Number of full-time jobs is up +176,500 (+3.3%) while number of part-time jobs is up 28,100 (+2.2%) for net job gains of 204,600 (+3.1%)
  • There are 31,600 fewer unemployed now than at the time of that last election (-5.2%)
  • The labour force participation rate is lower now. It was 66.7% in October, 2011. It’s 66.1% now.
  • The unemployment rate was 7.9% at the last election. It’s 7.3% now.



5 thoughts on “Ahead of Ontario election, The final tale of the tape on job numbers”

  1. in other words everything Kathleen Wynne spouts are just more lies. Add this to the gas plant billion dollars, e Health billion dollars, Ornge millions of dollars and doubling the debt to 300 Billion dollars and our credit rating lowed so we now pay 11 billion dollars in interest every year all because of the McGuinty/Wynne lies and mismanagement we should vote for Tim Hudak and get rid of these crooked liberals. If nothing else, Hudak said he would demand an investigation into the Mcguinty gas plant and e mail erasing scandals.

    1. Your comment doesn’t make sense. The article is pointing out that there has been a gain of full time jobs under the liberals. Exactly what Wynne said. The article proves that Hudak is lying about the net gain of jobs when he claims it is down.

  2. This article was very helpful. It tells me that both the Cons and the NDP were lying when, during the televised debate, they both said that the Libs had lost many jobs in Ontario. The numbers say differently. These statistics tell me that Wynne was telling the truth. So that leaves us with Hudak’s numbers that don’t add up (according to economists), the NDP who lie about unemployment, or Wynne who has told the truth about unemployment. I’m voting Liberal.

  3. I may not be too hot at math but the article or statistics above are mixing apples and oranges. 30,400 full time jobs lost has not been equalled to any new full time jobs. Isnt this a loss or am I missing something?

    I did read about some new part time positions, presumably minimum wage.

    Are we equating this to a win?

  4. By the way, using the math I was taught in grade school if I calculate the “participation rate” into the unemployed number it does get pretty close to a million.

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