The power of the incumbent? Or Canadian voters too scared of change?

Cummins, Clark, Dix, and Sterk
VANCOUVER – BC NDP leader Adrian Dix (2nd R), BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk (R), BC Conservative leader John Cummins (L) and BC Liberal leader Christy Clark talk with each other before their provincial election TV debate on April 29, 2013. Voters go to the polls May 14. (REUTERS/Andy Clark)

Eight federal and provincial elections since 2011. In all but one, the incumbent party won. (And the one that lost, Jean Charest and Quebec Liberals, missed by a hair, losing the popular vote by less than one percentage point).  Didn’t matter if it was a party of the left or right. Now, in BC, an incumbent that was trailing badly, is quickly narrowing a gap on a challenger: So I ask — What is about Canadian voters they appear so reluctant to change their governments?

UPDATE May 15, 2013: Christy Clark’s Liberals won in B.C. So make that eight for nine incumbents who won with a message of “it’s the economy.” Column, with link below, written two weeks before vote, still stands!

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2 thoughts on “The power of the incumbent? Or Canadian voters too scared of change?”

  1. I feel sorry for the residents of BC if they elect the NDP Adrian Dix. It will be a HAVE-NOT province again. We lived in BC when the Liberal Govt. was first elected to Power. We have always been Conservatives, & had never voted Liberal before, (The Liberal Party, was more Conservative than Liberal) so thought it was the better choice. We moved back to Alberta because of the “HIGH COST OF LIVING”,under Dix it would be worse. Where does he plan to get the money to pay for all his promises.

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