The nude Stephen Harper. No, really. The NUDE Stephen Harper.

This is just plain, well, weird …

… Prime Minister Stephen Harper is completely naked.

The oil on canvas painting, entitled Emperor Haute Couture by artist Margaret Sutherland, is raising eyebrows at the Kingston, Ont., library where it is currently on display in a room.

The painting was unveiled earlier this month during the Kingston Arts Council annual juried art show. The piece is selling for $5,000.

Read at the whole weird story:  Sun News : Nude painting of Harper raises eyebrows.

The artist is Margaret Sutherland. You can review her portfolio at her Web site.

UPDATE: The only comment from the Prime Minister’s Office was from his chief spokesman Andrew MacDougall on Twitter: “we’re not impressed. Everyone knows the PM is a cat person.”

MPs have been asked by reporters all day about this.

NDP MP Peter Stoffer: “To me, it’s on the line of what is called free expression, freedom of speech and something that’s over [the line].  I understand freedom of expression and artistic expression because my wife is an artist, but that, I would consider a bit tacky in that regard.”

Asked if he thought was inappropriate, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro simply said, “Yes.”

And here’s Liberal MP Scott Brison, with probably the wittiest exchange:

Reporter: What are your hopes for the future of this painting? Right now, it’s on display at a library in Kingston. Where do you think it will wind up?

Brison:              I’m sure it will be well hung somewhere.

Reporter:             What do you think of the painting?.

Brison:              It didn’t do much for me, but I can tell you that this is one case where I think we really do need a conservative cover-up and I guess you could say in this – in this painting, it’s quite obvious that the prime minister has very little to hide.


27 thoughts on “The nude Stephen Harper. No, really. The NUDE Stephen Harper.”

  1. This is insane. I am sad that this is what Canadian Artist’s call Art.

    The Library in Kingston should be ashamed of diplaying this kind of garbage – this is not art!!!

  2. I think this is most outrageous and insulting to depict our Primeminister in such a way.Memories are short does no one remember the fiasco when Kim Campbell was depicted in an almost similar fashion with at least a robe to cover her and she was a willing “poser”

  3. If you aren’t already disgusted with the performance of Stephen Harper and the Conservative Government, then this should do it.

  4. This is disrespectful of the office of the Prime Minister. Whether Sutherland or any other left wing loon likes it he was elected to Parliament and his party won a majority government. Nothing is going to change that fact. Sutherland should focus her talents on something that is not as disgusting.

  5. Well, the subject matter is clearly inappropriate as the person being depicted was not privvy to the work before its unveiling. That being said, she is clearly an artist in the real sense as the execution is pretty good. At least she didn’t piss in a jar and fill it with a crucifix.

  6. Hilarious. Hope it makes it around the world in all the tabloids and on the major TV Networks. :))

    Oh and if it makes “Hollinm” disgusted , it makes me very happy.

  7. I am disappointed in this artist attempt to capture the arrogance of this Prime Minister. I am saddened that she missed a very important detail that although it is not readily apparent at first glance it is easy to detect if one has followed the destructive path of this man. The horns distinctive to our idea of what the devil looks like is all but missing, the horns.

  8. For a Conservative , Mr Harper is very liberal acting I must say myself. However throughout time people in power have been painted nude and displayed. We just happen to be in a different time period when this is not as acceptable as it once was. For a guy who stays out of camera lens way politically he went to the extreme on this one. Frankly , I love it and think we should have more nudity in our country . Perhaps Mr Harper would like to legalize it publically.
    Then again , perhaps this portrait should of been made public after his term in office was over and he was no longer the leader of Canada.

  9. We need to remind our politicians they are human. I wouldn’t hang it in my living room but bravo. In 80% of the world, the artist would face death or imprisonment. Never assume you have a freedom until some tries to exercise it. I’m glad there are people testing what freedoms we actually have.

  10. I like it. Stephen looks like a real hunk. When I vote next election I will have a pleasing erotic memory of Stephen. I asked several of my cougar friends about nude Stephen and every one of them liked it/him. This painting is a real turn on for me. Mulcair and Rae look like dorks.

  11. i found the painting to be absolutely hilarious. i didn’t think he went in for anything so racy, after all, this is the guy, that shakes his kid’s hand. you know the picture will be downloaded and slathered all over the net. yep, he does have very little to hide. yuk, yuk.

  12. and by the way, lady, if you are reading these comments, you can paint me nude anytime. would have to be a bigger canvas for you tho.

  13. To Magic: Harper’s will to….what? Learn how to spell (“too” – that means “also”). And while you’re learning how to spell, realize that if it wasn’t for Harper, we’d be in the same position as Greece, etc.

    Also, obviously Harper has a much better sense of humour than some of the above stuffed shirts.

    To George Peters: We’re not allowed to be out front now when my ten year old grandson gets on his school bus. Do you think perhaps the handshake was the son’s idea?

  14. Oh dear, another disgruntled artist. We’re asked to show fiscal restraint …other countries are in debt up to their eyeballs, we hear it everyday.

    Provincial Liberals, have made Ontario a have-not province.

    G.Peters, sounds like you think Harper posed for this, naive!

  15. What about a nude painting of Chretien, Paul Martin, Peter Mansbridge, Mulclair, Sid Ryan, Libby Davis, Dalton Mac Guinty or any other? I am sure the so call artist will have no problem there.Do you think that the artist will be sued for not asking permission first?
    But since it is the PM Harper who cares right, the leader of the country gets worse treatment than the taliban itself or Omar K.

  16. The artist has talent but she should have painted Harper like Louis XIV of France with the caption “L’état c’ést moi.” He should also have been standing on the Prairies with the Alberta Tar Sands pumping out pollution behind him surrounded by poisoned wildlife.

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