A separatist fantasy: The death of Charest?

Colleague Daniel Renaud reports on this odd image, reproduced on the front page of Le Journal de Montréal (below) this morning: Charest Mort au pied du Khadir. It is a poster, found but not seized, apparently, by police investigators in the house of Amir Khadir, the separatist Québec Solidaire MLA. Police were at his house after the arrest of his daughter Yalda during the student protests.

The poster-sized image found at Khadir’s house is, Renaud reports, a Quebecois fantasy on Delacroix’s 1830 painting “Liberty Leading the People”. In Khadir’s poster, he himself his marching heroically with a musket in hands behind a “bananarchiste” leader over the bodies of Montreal police officers and what appears to be a dead Premier Jean Charest.


Khadir, who once called William and Kate “parasites”,  says the poster is a joke, a parody. The poster was apparently produced by the Quebec band Mise en Demeure and is available for purchase at the band’s Web site for $7. Here’s the close-up:

3 thoughts on “A separatist fantasy: The death of Charest?”

  1. Is it a separatist fantasy? or the fantasy of the ‘far left’ to establish their revolution through violent take over? it wouldn’t exactly be against Marxist doctrine…

  2. I posted this comment earlier at Brian Lilley’s blog, but his blog seems to filter out comments which include links (not a complaint, just an observation). Rather than my going into a long-winded explanation of the short-lived controversy involving Gilles Duceppe, I figure providing a self-explanatory link more helpful. I hope you’ll indulge me the cross-posting.

    This poster is indicative of the mind-set of the left. The left cries foul, as in this example http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2012/06/10/duceppe-more-thin-skinned-than-harper-not-amused-by-zoofest-comedy/ but thinks the poster depicting Premier Charest lying dead at the feet of a victorious Khadir is “humour” and acceptable under the aegis of freedom of expression.

  3. It seems police were not as concerned with this as the city of Waterloo’s were of a little girl’s supposed drawing of a gun and daddy shooting monsters. Here we have real people portrayed as being killed by anarchists, but that’s ok no harm here, move along now.

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