The hypocrisy of Atlantic Canadians?


Two letters to the editor. One from the east. One from the west.

The first, from pollster Don Mills of Corporate Research Associates, based out of Halifax, published at the paywalled site on August 29:

No fracking? No problem. ~

Weak economic growth and out-migration of youth? No problem.

Aging population and rapidly rising heath-care costs? No problem. Continue reading The hypocrisy of Atlantic Canadians?

VIDEO: Did McIver's campaign leak on Lukaszuk?

Calgary MLA Ric McIver is one of three who will be on the ballot this Saturday night to be the new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta — and next Premier. Here, I ask if his campaign was involved in leaks that may have done in rival Thomas Lukaszuk’s campaign — and whether it’s time for Lukaszuk to pack it in so that it’s a two-man race between McIver and Prentice.