Greenpeace thrown out of the orchard

The folks at Greenpeace ranked Apple Computer Inc. 11th out of 14 in its “Guide to Greener Electronics” and decided to rent a booth at a recent Mac World show in London, England to shame Apple into polishing its environmental record. Mac Worlds are trade shows for the Apple Mac ecosystem. I once covered one in San Francisco. It was pretty cool so far as trade shows go. I suppose Greenpeace, too, thought this would be a cool place to hang out and try and move the green dial at Apple. Wrong. Greenpeace got turfed, it says, for being a little critical of Apple:

“Now here's the rich part. The exhibition hall may have kicked Greenpeace out, but Mac Expo is FULL of people campaigning for a greener apple.  They're called Apple Customers. To date, more than 155,000 people have visited the Green my Apple site.  Over 1000 blogs are linking to it.  12,000 Apple fans have written to Steve Jobs asking him to change Apple's ways.”

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