The prime minister's prevarications on Afghanistan

In our papers today, I write:

Your mother probably told you two wrongs don’t make a right.

And she was right.

But every rule has its exception, and the exception to this one is Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

On two key issues when it comes to the Afghanistan file, our prime minister told us he’d do one thing before he went and did the other. Those are the two wrongs.

And yet, because of those two wrongs, he ended up doing the right thing:

Keeping Canada in Afghanistan with its NATO allies past 2011. You’ve already read in these pages (I hope) why this new mission is the good one and worthy of our support.

Still, the prime minister’s prevarications ahead of that correct decision has weakened his and his government’s credibility.

Last January, … [Read the rest of the column]

This column follows along from some annotations I made of a Bloc Quebecois motion being debated today in the House of Commons.


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