Conservatives worry "Liberal attacks and the media" will derail fundraising drive

Senator Marjory LeBreton
Senator Marjory LeBreton is pressed by reporters last spring for answers about the Senate scandal, a scandal which had a lot of grassroots Conservatives stop donating to the party. Now, party president John Walsh is encouraging those donors to get back in the game and blaming the “media” for getting in the way of things. (DAVID AKIN/QMI Agency)

The latest missive from John Walsh, the president of the Conservative Party of Canada, to the party’s membership (delivered to my source for this at just after 6 pm ET on Friday night) I have emphasized one line:


I just received another update from our fundraising department.

Here’s the good news – over 1,000 Canadians have donated to our Seize the Moment campaign.

Our party is stronger by $1,511,394 – money that we’ll use to help win the next election.

Here’s the bad news – the Liberal fundraising machine is in overdrive, and we need to keep up.

We can’t let Liberal attacks and the media stop us from reaching our goal.

We need to raise $2 million by the end of the month – and we’re going to need your help.

Donate $25 today – just $6.25 after your tax credits – and be a part of our campaign.

We’re counting on you.

Donate Now

John Walsh
President, Conservative Party of Canada

12 thoughts on “Conservatives worry "Liberal attacks and the media" will derail fundraising drive”

  1. One thing that I find interesting in these fundraising campaigns, because I think it clearly shows that it is the wealthy top layer that supports the right-wing Reform/Conservatives, is that the Tories ask their supporters to give at least $25, whereas the Liberals are asking their supporters for at least $3. Big difference!

  2. This is ridiculous. Surely, at some point, the reasons anyone employed by Sun Media took up journalism as a career to begin with will take hold and make them stop being such a blatant arm of the Harper Conservative Party. Sadly, this just doesn’t seem to happen in Sun Media. The concept of the ‘Fourth Estate’ is a long forgotten value for the fake journalists employed by this repugnant ‘news’ organization. Publishing fund-raising letters as news? Are you serious? How is this a news story? It’s a brazen advertisement for a political party. Does the CPC claim this as a donated expense? Does Sun Media obtain some kind of tax credit for its political party contribution? Or, as I expect, is this just another way for the Harper Conservatives to circumvent election law and cheat once again in their drive to represent 24% of the eligible vote?

    1. Joel Parkes may well make the same charge regarding various other media being a blatant arm of the Liberal party, e.g., Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and various other dailies across the nation. Their soft handling of young Trudeau’s pratfalls and ignorance of the issues is obvious.

      It’s obvious on the face of it: the media is partisan. They back various parties as decided by owners and management. In the same vein they mount crusades against others or their leaders. This is well within the rights of those who own media, however, including those of Sun Media.

      Clearly many journalists pile on to these jihads as their political preferences dictate, and I’m not talking about op-ed commentary either. One only needs to watch CBC news for a couple of nights to pick up on that. The state broadcaster could be taken easily as part-time propagandists for the Liberals, a role inappropriate for a publicly-owned company.

      There is little objectivity in standard reporting on political matters and para-religious causes such as ecology and climate. It’s easy to see what the journo wants the reader to hoist in and take to the polling station. At the present time the mainstream media’s mission is clear: bring down and destroy the Prime Minister. This wouldn’t apply to David Akin or Sun News as Sun News is hardly mainstream.

  3. So The Conservatives didn’t want to give $2 per vote from the taxpayers but want to give $18.75 of taxpayers money for every $25 donation. I remember when this campaign was endorsed by Sun Media. They were outraged that $2 of taxpayers money went to the corresponding political party. but quite ok with giving 75% of tax dollars back to the rich who donate

  4. Hey Joel, breath buddy, breath.

    The news content here is that the Cons are (once again) using the media as a scapegoat to raise money from their base. That tells us something about how they operate and how they (and their voters) think and is a useful service.

    And while a lot of the people employed at SUN media are in fact drooling-at-the-mouth-neoconservatives, Akin is not one of those people. And I say this as someone who has never, and will never, vote conservative.

  5. Yes, of course , it’s the con way. The Libs, media ,N.D.P., are to blame, not Harper & His Fraud Squad. Pointing the blame is the M.O. of Harper ,Flaherty Government. Run some fund raising ads using Lebreton, Olson, Del Maestro,etc…..that should work in getting ” con base lemmings” to the trough.

  6. The conservative are worried about the Liberal ad attack they need to look in their own back yard. They do the same thing

  7. I’m a proud Liberal, but it’s not just about money, although money is an important aspect of being able to run an election campaign and being viable as a Political Party to SERVE Canadians… Here’s what’s much more important than the money:

    As I always say; it’s the bottom line; regardless of whether you vote for party, party leader, your candidate, don’t vote, or anything else you do in an election like vote according to “media hype and misinformation” or “polls”;

    “Canada is a Democracy, flawed as it may be, and while you may not get the Government you want, you will always get the Government you deserve; even if only because of voter ignorance and apathy.” – by me

    Whether you know it or not what happens “Politically”, at every level of Government, has a direct affect on a person’s (and that of their families’) daily life… So if you’re not engaged enough to care about what’s happening politically in your country, don’t whine about what’s happening TO your country actually after a Government is elected… Not even if that Government was elected fraudulently and by only 39% of the 60% (or less) that actually voted FOR them… Blame the Canadians that had a chance to make a difference and didn’t…

  8. Is it just me or does the math not add up for the CPC?

    A person is only allowed to donate a maximum of 1200 to a party per year, yet with 1000 donors they raise 1.5 million … making the average donation 1500 which is over the limit.

    Something dirty going on me thinks.

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