SFU prof on the evidence of robocall vote suppression

A Simon Fraser University professor says there is statistical evidence that the votes of hundreds – perhaps thousands – of non-Conservative supporters were suppressed in last May’s general election by some kind of robocall campaign.

Anke Kessler, a full professor of economics at the Burnaby, B.C.-based school, published a statistical analysis Monday of the 27 ridings where Liberals and NDP allege the Conservatives engaged in vote-suppressing robocalls . . . [Read the rest of the story]

Watch the interview with Prof. Kessler:

2 thoughts on “SFU prof on the evidence of robocall vote suppression”

  1. Maybe I missed it, but did Professor Kessler address — either in your discussions with her or elsewhere — the fact that polling division boundaries are not consistent across elections.

    Because, given that this is the case, I’m interested to know how she could reliably measure changes in turnout at the polling division level, election over election.

  2. She didn’t compare numbers between elections, she compared the turnout between ridings that were affected by fraudulent calls and ridings that weren’t, in this election. Without interference you’d expect the eb and flow of voter turnout to be roughly the same everywhere, but she saw that in targeted ridings, voter turnout went down *more* in predominantly non-Conservative polling divisions.

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