On the first day of proroguing, my MP gave to me …

MPs, as surely everyone must know by now, were supposed to have been back in town Monday in the House of Commons debating the weighty issues of the day. But Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament in December and so, MPs won't be back until March. The opposition — and hundreds of thousands of Canadians — are angry about this.

Opposition MPs are making a concerted effort this week to be in Ottawa and do things MPs normally do here which is meet, talk and try to get some headlines.

Conservative MPs, though, were unusually active Monday as well doing what government MPs do well: Hand out money.

On Monday, government MPs issued 44 press releases announcing a combined total of $48 million in federal funding.

Of those, 28 announcements were for projects that will benefit almost exclusively a riding held by a Conservative MP:

Seniors housing Kamloops BC $7,750,000
Program to prevent homelessness Kamloops BC $105,000
Affordable housing for Snuneymuxw and Penticton FN Penticton BC $1,800,000
Improving provincial grazing reserves Edmonton AB $5,925,000
Nova Scotia Agricultural College-Truro Halifax NS $2,400,000
Composites Atlantic Ltd. Lunenburg NS $2,600,000
Child development at North Peace Community Resources Society Fort St. John BC $600,000
RINC: Construction of new multipurpose facility Forestburg AB $1,000,000
Aquatic Life Research Facility Burlington ON $4,600,000
Tamworth Hotel Conversion Tamworth ON $5,000
Affordable Housing Speaker Session Prince Albert SK $1,800
Housing options policy development Revelstoke BC $5,000
Housing strategy workshop Vernon BC $5,000
Housing consultations Irricana AB $5,000
Secondary suites regulation Williams Lake BC $5,000
Workshops on housing St. Albert SK $4,400
Housing forums Squamish BC $1,500
Workshop on housing Meaford ON $5,000
To publish housing success stories Quebec QC $5,000
Housing focus groups Calgary AB $5,000
Guide to renovation West Vancouver BC $5,000
Housing survey Quesnel BC $5,000
Workshops on housing Abbotsford BC $5,000
Housing workshops West Lincoln ON $3,000
Workshops on housing Abbotsford BC $5,000
Housing survey White Rock BC $5,000
Workshop on housing West Kelowna BC $5,000
Prepare manuals on housing Cardston AB $5,000

Seven announcements worth about $12.8 million will benefit a riding held by a New Democrat.

Genome Atlantic Halifax NS $2,800,000
Origin BioMed Halifax NS $3,000,000
Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal National Historic Site conservation project Montreal QC $425,000
Upgrades to Royal B.C. Museum Victoria BC $3,000,000
Developing housing plan Whitehorse YK $5,000
IWK Health Centre Halifax NS $1,800,000
Brain Repair Services at Dalhousie Halifax NS $1,800,000

Four worth $4 million will benefit a riding held by a Liberal:

East Hants Adult Learning Association Enfield NS $45,616
Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd. Halifax NS $3,000,000
Digital Gateway at Robson Square Vancouver BC $950,000
Housing regulatory changes Wolfville NS $5,000

Four worth about $1 million will benefit a riding held by a Bloc Quebecois MP:

Gas tax transfer Saint Felix-d'Otis QC $249,239
Gas tax transfer L'Anse Saint-Jean QC $283,034
Housing renovations Naskapi First Nation QC $483,000
Workshops on housing Tadoussac QC $4,000

The other announcement, worth about $3.3 million is to fund a climate change adaptation strategy for the Fraser River (BC) basin and will benefit ridings held by MPs of more than one party.

2 thoughts on “On the first day of proroguing, my MP gave to me …”

  1. Apparently the thinking is that if you act in a cynically manipulative manner CONSISTENTLY, it must be a good thing.
    Could this be a more blatant attempt by Harper and the PMO to use the prerogatives of government to hide their contempt for parliament.
    Maybe its just me?

  2. David, out of your first 28, 21 are in either Saskatchewan, Alberta or the BC interior. Pretty hard to find an opposition riding in any of these areas. Or are you trying to say that they should get less money because they voted so overwhelmingly for the Tories ?

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