Hey, Tara, tell us what you really think about Google's RSS feeds ….

Tara Galishain knows a lot about finding stuff on the Web and wrote a couple of books for O'Reilly about making the most of Google and other Internet search sites.. Recently, Google unveiled a new (great) service: RSS feeds for your fave Google News search. Tara was, um, impressed:

My husband walked in as I was in the kitchen making lunch (hummus on rye and iced tea.) As I
moved around the room I did a Jules Feifferesque dance. Slow with a lot of sway-ey bendy stuff.
He watched me for a moment. “Are you all right?”
I tossed the hummus back in the fridge and pirouetted (slowly). “This is my happy dance with
lunch creation. It's a celebration of the fact that we haven't run out of hummus and the bread
isn't moldy yet. Oh, and that Google News is now offering RSS feeds.”

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