[What they said] BBC World Service goes RSS

From David Weinberger's Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization (otherwise known as JOHO) blog:
Joho the Blog: BBC World Service goes RSS

BBC World Service goes RSS
This is way cool — a major news service (hey, we're talking The Beeb here!) distributing its news by letting us view it wherever and whenever we want. And in lots of languages.
Here's an informal email (lightly edited) from Ian Forrester:

BBC World Service have gone public with RSS 1.0 feeds
I'm proud to say we at the BBC World service have launched RSS 1.0 (RDF) feeds to the public and automatic discovery of the rss feed is also in place.
There is no help or notification page of any type yet because we are tackling the problem of working with many different languages. The multi-language rss reader and aggregator market is still very much in flux it would seem. We are very much relying on automatic discovery at this stage, as not to confuse our audience.
We chose RSS 1.0 because of its universal acceptance throughout the blog/we…

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