Twitter Redux: iPhone war photography, Paradis' coat; Liberal woes

Some stuff that I sent out on the Twitter tide today:

  • New York Times photographer Damon Winter heads out on patrol in Afghanistan with the men and women of First Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army. But instead of using a $12,000 camera to document a day on the job, he uses his iPhone's camera. (left)Pretty neat.

    NYT photog Damon Winter uses an iPhone for some great pix from the front lines in #AFGH.

  • Harper cabinet minister Christian Paradis can't seem to get a break. Accused by his political opponents of various kinds of skulduggery while he held the public works portfolio, we learned today from a witness at a House of Commons committee that Paradis had his cashmere coat stolen while at a fundraiser in Montreal. The witness was a contractor who organized that fundraiser and organized because — as he told the committee — he felt he had to as a thank you for Paradis' department giving him a big fat government contract. ('Course, his firm was the low bidder and bureaucrats determined he was qualified to do the work so you'd hope, because of those two factors, he'd be the one to get the contract. But I digress …) Because this contractor, Paul Sauve, organized the fundraiser, Paradis' aide phoned him up the day after Paradis' jacket got stolen and, according to Sauve, demanded that he cover the cost of a $5,400 cashmere jacket. Now it turns out, it's damn hard to find a cashmere jacket that costs of $5,400

    @kady Best I could find: US$3,840 for this one: #DressingParadis

    — but that's what Sauve said Paradis' aide said. Then it emerged from Paradis side that it was never $5,400, it was less than $800. And Paradis has both the police report and the receipt to prove it:

    RT @danlebla: Le rapport de police pour le vol du manteau de Christian Paradis, et reçu pour achat d'un manteau en 2006

  • My colleagues at the Ottawa Sun report that the City of Ottawa is about to spend a pile on condoms:

    MT @ottawasuncom: City of #Ottawa to buy 2.3 MILLION condoms next 3 yrs.

  • Canadian Press photographer Tom Hanson was a friend of mine and friend to many on the Parliamentary Precinct. His unexpected death — he collapsed while playing hockey — was a terrible blow to many. In his memory, friends and colleagues established the Tom Hanson Photojournalism award. Nominations/entries are now being accepted online.

    Applications now being accepted online for Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award #media

  • Brigadier General Daniel Menard once commanded all Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Then he had an inappropriate relationship with a female officer. Now he's got to explain it all to a military judge:

    Brig Gen Daniel Menard to be court-martialled for inappropriate conduct in #AFGH

  • After being shouted off the stage by protestors when she tried to talk about her new book about the Caledonia (Ont.) standoff, Christie Blatchford has a new date in Waterloo.

    Blatchford's rescheduled presentation at U of W set for Dec 7

  • No explanation needed:

    RT @nytimes: Corporate Profits Were the Highest on Record Last Quarter

  • Warren Kinsella, Sun columnist and sometimes quarrelsome Liberal, says his old party needs to find a new stick to beat Stephen Harper with. Agreed.

    @kinsellawarren reflects on the fifth anniversary of the last Liberal govt  #cdnpoli

  • Meanwhile, Toronto Star senior political writer Susan Delacourt, who has been covering the Liberals for more than two decades, has her own diagnosis for the Liberal malaise:

    Feels about right to me. RT @SusanDelacourt: The Liberals' woes. My two cents:

  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron's official Twitter feed is @Number10Gov and this poppped up on that feed today:

    RT @Number10gov: Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding on 29 April 2011 to be celebrated with public holiday:

This is the first of what I hope will be frequent (daily, if I can manage it) editions of Twitter Redux. My aim here is to provide a brief summary of things that occupied me on Twitter for those who may have missed it on Twitter the first time around or who simply couldn't be bothered with Twitter and prefer reading blogs like this one. As always, let me know what you think of this idea, in the comments or directly to me by e-mail


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  1. I like it, David. Lots of info presented in a very compact format. If it interests me I can hit the link, if not, I can move on. I used to enjoy the Twitter feed in your sidebar, but this is actually better. Thanks.

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