Top Ten Liberal Mistakes — from a Conservative viewpoint

A senior Conservative strategist circulated the following Top Ten list e-mail on the Saturday before the federal election on Monday, January 23. The result of the election, of course, was a narrow Conservative minority government.


10. Billions in pre-campaign announcements.

9. Free ride for Harper before Christmas.

8. Beer & Popcorn and the Klander Komics

7. Dissing Charest & attempting to “Referendize” the campaign in Quebec.

6. Buzz Off: Strategic voting/Harper as separatist.

5. Notwithstanding.

4. “We’re not making this up.”

3. Great battle plan for last war: Expected Harper to be negative/lunatics rampant

2. All tactics, no strategy.

1. The Liberals brought a knife to a gunfight.

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