The Irish press on the troubles they're having with useless gobshites

Irish Times Cartoon

It's not going well right now for the government of Ireland and the press in that country are teeing off in no uncertain terms on Prime Minister (or Taoiseach) Brian Cowen and his cabinet. The Sunday Independent, the top-selling paper in that country, had the following across the top of its front page (which reaches, it says, 992,000 readers):

Irish Sunday Independent

Irish Star Gobshites

Today, The Globe and Mail's European correspondent Doug Saunders tips us via Twitter to more outrage on the front pages of the Ireland's dailies. First, an editorial cartoon published on the front page, above the fold, of The Irish Times (above) rather neatly sums things up. Then there's the front page of the Irish Daily Star. Saunders helpfully snapped a pic (left) and posted it on Twitter.  This will  surely be the envy of tabloid writers at our company and anywhere else.


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