October's most popular posts – and a first appearance on Technorati 100

What of October, that ambiguous month, the month of tension, the unendurable month?
Doris Lessing, in Martha Quest (1952)

What of October, indeed. Well, around here October was the month Jon Stewart took on Crossfire and Colby Cosh lost his regular gig at the Post. (He's still chipping in from time to time, though, I'm told).
Posts here about both those items were among October's most popular posts.
For the record, there were more than 23,000 unique visitors to this blog plus 16,000 XML requests, presumably from those grabbing the RSS feed of this blog.
That traffic — and your links back to this point — have also put me in to the Technorati Top 100. For bloggers, this is pretty cool stuff.
Now, mind you, Canadians are well represented on the Technorati Top 100. For one thing, Toronto's Cory Doctorow (now in Britain, last we heard, carrying the EFF flag) and his Boing Boing blog is up there at number two. (Technorati's Top 100, incidentally, is a list of blogs ranked by the number of blogs which link back to the original site.)
Toronto-based Ross Rader, one of the Tucows brainiacs behind this publishing platform, has his Random Bytes blog clocking in at number 61 on the Top 100. (That's better than Jeff Jarvis and Joi Ito — two A-list bloggers)
Vancouver's Roland Tanglao has been on the Technorati Top list for a long time. On this day, he's at number 87.

And, finally, from Oakville, Ontario, making his first appearance on this august list, there I am at number 97. (left.)
Thanks for dropping by.
Here, then, for your review are October's greatest hits around here:

  1. [What he said] Stewart on Crossfire (posted 10-16-2004)
  2. No blogging from Olympic village (?) (posted on 8-8-2004)
  3. More mainstream Canadian journo-bloggers (posted on 10-21-2004)
  4. [What they said] Apple calculator a bad joke (posted on 8-10-2004)
  5. Is the Post trimming its columnists' roster? (posted on 10-1-2004)
  6. How to spell Internet and Web (posted on 8-16-2004)
  7. Finally!! Airport Extreme and my LinkSys router are talking! (posted on 12-13-2003)
  8. I'm on Canada AM tomorrow (posted on 10-7-2004)
  9. Google by the numbers (posted on 5-5-2004)
  10. Canada best for access among world's largest economies (posted on 11-24-2003)

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  1. You missed one, David. Crooked Timber (#98 on the list), an academic group blog, was founded by Henry Farrell, a U of T poli sci prof.

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