Most respected CEOs in Canada

Manulife CEO Dominic D'Alessandro (left) is the most respected chief executive officer by his peers, says a new poll by Ipsos-Reid, and that's probably about right. D'Alessandro engineered the takeover of John Hancock Financial Services and has steadily and without much flash and dash made his business into a monster. The Manulife takeover of the Massachusetts-based John Hancock (which also had a CEO named D'Alessandro, oddly enough) was the largest cross-border business combination in Canadian history.
And, for what it's worth, the few times I've met him he's seemed to me to be about the most polite, respectful and, almost shy, CEO you could imagine.
But the most interesting tid-bit about the Ipsos-Reid poll was the fact that Paul Tellier tied for second, as the most respected CEO. Tellier, of course, was fired/quit/retired/resigned from Bombardier and replaced by the family that controls the firm.
Laurent Beaudoin, who married the daughter of Bombardier founder Joseph-Armand Bombardier, and who had been CEO prior to Tellier, took over the top job again in the wake of Tellier's departure.
It's not clear what Beaudoin's peers think of his capabilities, compared to Tellier's, as a CEO but shareholders sure passed their judgement. When Tellier got ousted, Bomber stock to an all-time intra-day low of $1.87.
Here's the quote from the Ipsos-Reid release:

Dominic D’Alessandro’s successful merger of Manulife Financial and John Hancock Insurance this past year has swelled the ranks of Canada’s business leaders who most admire and respect the CEO. He emerges this year with 10% of CEOs personally writing his name in the slot for the CEO they most admire and respect.
Following behind Mr. D’Alessandro are:
• Paul Tellier former CEO of Bombardier (4%),
• Clive Beddoe CEO of WestJet Airlines Ltd. (4%),
• Remi Marcoux CEO of Transcontinental Inc. (3%), and
• Ed Clark CEO of TD Bank Financial Group (3%).
All other CEOs mentioned received 2% of the vote or less.

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