Mailing list established for tsunami survivors

L-Soft International which hosts a lot of e-mail lists on a variety of topics said it has established a list where the discussion is intended to be for survivors and those looking for survivors. Here's the blurb from L-Soft:

In response to the Indian Ocean Tsunami tragedy, L-Soft has created a list forum for survivors to connect with others for support and to seek out those who are missing.
To join the list and to search messages posted to the list, go to:
The Tsunami-2004 list is hosted at RELIEF.LSOFT.COM, a LISTSERV® site created to assist organizations involved with the relief efforts
associated with the tragedies of September 11, 2001, the Florida Hurricanes of 2004, and other similar disasters.
If your organization, or other organizations that you know, could benefit from a donation of L-Soft's email list hosting services to aid the relief
efforts, please contact Connie Rice at or call +1 (301) 731-0440 to make arrangements.
L-Soft wishes to thank all organizations providing assistance to the victims of these tragedies.

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