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Apparently, the Conservatives are not the only ones with money for TV ads:

Green Party releases its first ever television commercials in Quebec

MONTREAL – The Green Party of Canada has released the first television election commercials in Quebec during the by-elections in Westmount – Ville-Marie. Deputy leader Claude William Genest, Green Party candidate in the riding, is featured in the commercials.

The commercials highlight Mr. Genest discussing issues that matter to voters, such as the need for action on climate change and for a fresh Green voice in Parliament. He also focuses on the continued leaching of PCBs into the St. Lawrence river.

“I am proud to be the ambassador bringing the Green vision to every household in Quebec”, said Mr Genest. “This upcoming election is a historic opportunity for the voters of Westmount – Ville-Marie by electing me as the first Green Member of Parliament in North America.”

“The Green Party is the only federal party to have grown since the last election. Our new television presence reflects our continued growth and our commitment to spread the Green message.”

The three advertisements will air regularly until the day of the election and will be available on the campaign website as well as YouTube. [Ed note: Couldn't find them there at time of the party's release or this posting …]

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