Corporate Canada steps up

Corporate Canada started stepping up in earnest today to help out with the South Asia disaster, mostly by donating cash but also through donations of services or goods. Others are facilitating either donation collections or relief. Could corporate Canada be doing more? Probably. But let's save that debate for another day and focus instead on what companies are doing rather than what Canada's largest company's are failing to do.
Here's some info culled from various press releases. (Let me know what I'm missing.) I've listed some companies, such as General Motors, whose corporate headquarters is not here but which has a significant employee or revenue base in Canada.
Of some note, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, a bank that's been the focus of the wrong kind of news for a little while, was, so far as I could tell, the first major Canadian company to volunteer some cash, offering $100,000 for disaster relief within two days of the disaster (and on a bank holiday, no less!) and announcing that donations for disaster relief would be accepted at any branch.
These releases, then, are presented in roughly the chronological order that they were announced (All dollar figures Canadian and all times Toronto time unless noted). The first press releases soliciting donations on behalf of various charitable organizations began hitting the wires on Sunday, Dec. 26 after 4 pm Toronto time:

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