Blogware gets a new version but Safari hates it …

This blog is published using the Blogware publishing platform developed by Tucows. The developer bees over there have been busy putting together a new version and Ross has the lowdown on everything that's new (see below). I've just fired it up using the latest version of Apple's Safari on the most recent build of OS X. I'm sad to say that the admin/posting pages render so poorly that they are almost unuseable. (Happily, I've got Ecto for my post creation.) Looks very clean, however, on IE 5.2 for the Mac. Don't have my Windows boxes fired up tonight to check it on that platform. (I'm thinking, incidentally, of moving off IE on Windows to's Firefox browser. After three days of use, it runs cleaner and faster than IE and, the geeks tell me, it's a little more secure than IE.)
Here's what Blogware leader Ross had to say at his blog and I'm hoping v 1.2.1 or even 1.3 comes out darn soon:

We shipped v1.2 today. Probably the biggest single revision that we've ever done to the Blogware code base.

In my mind, this is the v1.0 that we *should* have shipped. Users syndicating with RSS 2.0 now get to drop ENT metadata into their feeds – the UI has been cleaned up a *ton* (I've started calling it “the useful version” – Useful Interface instead of User Interface? Hmmm…sounds like a whole different post unto itself) and we've nailed down user profiles pretty substantially as well – check me out here.

The feature I'm most proud of? The new picture posting tools in the Rich Text Editor… [Read the rest at: Random Bytes]

3 thoughts on “Blogware gets a new version but Safari hates it …”

  1. How are things looking today David? We've done some clean-up – I wished I'd noticed this post earlier as I'm not sure that this is a Safari issue (We've got a bunch of Macheads in the office and *none* of them screamed at me…)
    I'll definitely poke around tomorrow to see what's up with Safari and Blogware…let me know if the changes we made today have improved your outlook!

  2. Hmm. Still looks pretty much the same at this writing. Odd,though, that other Safari users aren't reporting this. On the “look and feel” page I posted above, you can still do what needs to be done, but on the “Post New Entry” page, you get text in some places that fails to wrap and runs over other text on the page, obscuring other information.

  3. I just noticed this — Safari and Blogware are getting along famously now. (Mind you, I do not have some of the “Post Entry” conveniences that IE on Windows users have but, hey, I've got Ecto on the Mac which still feels a little buggy over on my Windows machines.) So whatever you did Ross et all, thanks! Works like a charm now!

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