Blog on Blog – a new site to yak about journalism and blogging

Samantha Israel, a student in the journalism program at Ryerson University in Toronto, announces the launch of Blog on Blog, a blog she hopes will do two things: Serve as online meeting place for those who might have something to say about blog form as it relates to journalism and as a place where she might be able to glean some Deep Thoughts for use in an article on Canadian journalism and blogs which she's preparing for the Ryerson Review of Journalism.
From the first post at Blog on Blog:

Blog on Blog:
“Welcome to Blog on Blog – the blog where bloggers blog about nothing but blogs. Well, blogs and journalism that is.
Do you think blogs are unplugged versions of columns? Does horizontal editing float your boat? Do you think the old media is a dying breed? Do you wonder if blogs are a threat to the mainstream media? Are you itching for a rant about arrogant bloggers?”

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