Attention music trivialists: Your help urgently required

Urgent call for help!!!!

Next month, I'll be one of the rookies on a an award-winning trivia team that will be participating in World Trivia Night here in Ottawa. This event raises a lot of money for a children's charity.
One of the pre-event competitions has our team frantically trying to decode a music trivia event and we need help:

If you can help, point your browser here:

At that link you can download a music file.

The music file contains tiny excerpts of 26 songs. We have to identify each song. We've been given one hint: The first letter of each song is in the same order as the alphabet.

Our team has done a decent job of solving most but we are stumped on clips K, X and Z.

If you can help — expect much virtual karma to come your way.

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