A test from BlogJet

This post has two purposes. First, it’s a test to see how posts with BlogJet get rendered once BlogWare publishes them. (If you’re confused at this point, move right along. You’re not missing much by skipping the rest.)

Second, it’s a request for advice. My mobile computing machine for the last little while has been a Mac. Now, my main mobile computing machine is a PC, running Windows 2000. I’m using BlogJet to post this. On the Mac I was using Ecto (Ecto for Windows is out but just doesn’t seem to work at all with my Blogware blog.).  I loved Ecto on the Mac (and still use it to post from my Mac desktop machines) but would love to find something with similar functionality on the PC.

So far, BlogJet seems close.

Anyone have any suggestions about similar tools that work with Blogware and Win2000? Love to hear your thoughts.


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