A new job – and a blog transformation

I have a new job, which I'll be starting in a week. An edited version of a note I circulated to some sources earlier this week announcing this change is copied below. The new job likely means some changes here at the blog, too. It will take a few days to re-tool before those changes show up and, as always, I'm keen to get your feedback about this blog ought to contain. Here's that note:

Hello —
Effective MONDAY JANUARY 31, I will join CTV's Ottawa bureau as a Parliamentary Reporter.
I will be ending, after a long run, my coverage of technology and business issues.
Because my new job will require all of my time, I will have to close my assignment as a Contributing Writer to the Globe and Mail's Report on Business.
Effective MON JAN 31, I encourage you to visit http://www.davidakin.com where my new cell phone number and other contact information posted.
As always, love to hear what you're up to and I hope to touch base with you soon.

3 thoughts on “A new job – and a blog transformation”

  1. I have enjoyed this blog for its insight. I am a political junkie. (Poli Sci is my major)
    I hope that you keep blogging from your new job.

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